What is the best commercial deep fryer?

What McDonald choose an deep fryer?

First of all, let's talk about the benefits of deep fryers?

Commercial foodservice kitchens use open fryers instead of pressure fryers for a variety of menu items, including freezer-to-fryer items and foods that float while cooking. There are lots of reasons you might go with an open fryer; they produce a crispier product, increase throughput, and allow plenty of freedom for customization.

Fried food is a favorite for many, and choosing an efficient, oil-saving deep fryer has become crucial. In this era of efficiency and quality pursuit, MJG once again revolutionizes the concept of fryers, leading the way into a new era of frying. Have you ever wondered, "What McDonald choose an deep fryer?" Now, let us take you into the world of MJG's latest oil-saving fryer, giving you a whole new understanding of frying!

Innovative Technology, Leading Quality

The MJG oil-saving open fryers employs the most advanced innovative technology to create outstanding product quality. Whether for snack bar or commercial use, it can easily handle all your frying needs, ensuring each bite is deliciously cooked evenly with our open fryer technology.

Oil-Saving Efficiency, Energy-Saving and Eco-Friendly

Compared to traditional fryers, MJG's oil-saving fryer has significant advantages in energy-saving. Our advanced technology not only efficiently heats but also minimizes the use of oil, achieving energy-saving and environmental protection goals. Whether you're a business or snack bar user, you can enjoy lower operating costs, making your frying journey more economically viable.

What temperature is the oil in a commercial deep fryer?

Commercial deep fryers typically operate at temperatures ranging from 350°F to 375°F (177°C to 190°C). These temperatures are optimal for quickly cooking foods to achieve a crispy exterior while ensuring the interior is thoroughly cooked. However, the specific temperature may vary depending on the type of food being fried and the preferences of the chef or establishment.

Multi-Functional Design, Meeting Diverse Needs

The MJG oil-saving fryer excels not only in oil-saving but also in multi-functional design. Our fryer can be used for frying various foods, such as chips, popcorn chicken, onion ring and more. Whether it's chicken wings, fries, or fish fillets, it can easily handle all your needs. Built-in oil filtration, can complete oil filtering in 5 minutes, which not only saves space, but also greatly extends the service life of oil products and reduces operation costs while ensuring that the fried food maintains high quality.

Safe and Reliable, for Peace of Mind

Safety is always our top priority in product design. The MJG oil-saving fryer incorporates multiple safety measures to ensure safe and reliable use. Whether it's preventing overheating or oil spills, we've got you covered. Enjoy your favorite foods with peace of mind, knowing you're using a safe and reliable fryer.

The MJG oil-saving fryer makes frying simpler and more worry-free!

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