Handheld Paste Filling Machine/ Cake filling Machine

Short Description:

The digi-filler uses a gear pump concept as a metering device to fill correct amounts.
The volume and the speed of filling, as well as the time between fillings, can be programmed easily from the Touch screen.
All parts in contact with filling material are made of corrosion resistant material.

Cream, paste, thick product, water, fruit juices & extracts, liquid tea, liquid coffee, food coloring, vegetable oil, milk, tomato juice, some salad dressings, perfumes, essential oils, ink, thin liquid soap, shampoo’s, and many more.


Product Description:

1. Automatic singlemouth filling.

2. Suitable for all kinds of products filling

3. can be used for cakes and mousse, jelly top decoration.

4. Used for filling various cakes and high viscosity pastes

5. Various discharge nozzles to meet different filling requirements

6. 2-3 litres per minute, Hopper capacity is 15L.


Product Detail

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 Gear Pump Paste Filling Machine
Model Min.Filling volume Filling accuracy Power supply


5g ±1g 110/220V 50/60HZ

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