PFG-800 high quality CE pressure cooker fried chicken/pressure fryer/chicken fryer kfc

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This Pressure Fryer adopts the principle of low temperature and high pressure. The Fried food is crispy on the outside and soft inside, bright in color. The whole machine body is stainless steel, computer control panel, automatically controls temperature and exhausts pressure. It equipped with automatic oil filter system, easy to use, efficient and energy-saving. It is easy to use and operate, environmental, efficient and durable.

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Electric & Gas chicken pressure fryer

Voltage: electric: 380V, Gas: 220V/110V
capacity :25L
panel: computer
(know the accurate time and temperature when frying)
with oil filter system
1.5mm 304 stainless steel
LPG gas or Natural gas
each pot can frying 4~6 whole chicken, will finished 10 minutes.

The thermostat, mounted on the elements, ensures precise temperature readings. The thermostat system minimizes temperature overshoot maximizing oil life.


 Gas fryer for Burner (firerow) with 24pcs nozzles


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The large cold zone help collect and remove sediment from the frypot to safeguard oil quality and support routine cleaning. A rear flush feature moves sediment to the front drain valve for easy and thorough removal.

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Electric Heating inner Cylinder


Gas Heating inner Cylinder



PFG-800 model electric fryers have advanced electronic switching devices which pulse the amount of energy required to the electric elements in much smaller increments than traditional on/off electrical contactors or gas controls.  The result:  greater reliability and more precise temperature control.  These models also have an insulated frypot which can reduce standby energy consumption by an additional 10%. It's can ensures pinpoint accuracy of oil temperature and adjusts cooking time for consistent high-quality production.



▶ All stainless steel body, easy to clean and wipe, with long service life.

▶ Aluminum lid, rugged and lightweight, easy to open and close.

▶ Built-in automatic oil filter system, easy to use, efficient and energy-saving.

▶ The four casters have large capacity and are equipped with brake function, which is easy to move and position.

▶ Digital display control panel is more accurate and beautiful.

▶ The machine is equipped with 10-0 storage keys for 10 categories of food frying.

▶ Set the automatic exhaust after the time is up, and give an alarm to remind.

▶ Each product key can set 10 heating modes.

▶ Oil filter reminder and oil change reminder can be set.

▶ Switch to degrees Fahrenheit.

▶ Preheating time can be set.

▶ The cleaning time, idle mode and oil melting mode can be set.

▶ Pressure mode can be set on /off while at work.


Specified Voltage ~220V/50Hz-60Hz
Energy LPG or Natural Gas
Temperature Range 20-200 ℃
Dimensions 960 x 460 x 1230mm
Packing Size 1030 x 510 x 1300mm                
Capacity 25 L
Net Weight 135 kg
Gross Weight 155 kg

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Built-in Oil Filtration System, exteding oil life, saving costs.

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