China Cookie Mixer/Pastry Mixer Bakery B40-B

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Series B food mixer, it has many functions such as mixing, crushing and liquid materials, etc. With three gears, users can select the appropriate speed according to different requirements and obtain satisfactory results. The machine has single-phase and three-phase, which can be freely selected by the user. The parts which contact food inside the machine are made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy or treated with special surface.

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Stainless steel Safety Cover



1. Multifunctional, mixing noodles, beating eggs and cream, etc.
2. The whole diamond gear has abrasion resistance and is equipped with a three-speed transmission.
3. The lubrication system is durable.



60L and 80L Planetary mixer with trolley.

Main Features:

1. Multi-functional, flour, egg, cream, etc
2. The entire king kong gear is wear-resistant, with a three-speed transmission. 
3. Lasting lubrication system
4. The barrel is made of all stainless steel and easy to clean
5. Different stirring speeds can meet different mixing requirements
6. The blender is elegant, convenient in operation, safe and sanitary

Planetary mixer-1

What We Guarantee?

1. Factory Outlet--Direct factory delivery, reduce intermediate links and maximize profits to customers.

2. Good Quality Materials--High grade stainless steel,durable, corrosion-resistant, not easy to rust, easy to clean.

3. Food Mixers Life--After customer feedback and actual test,it can be used for 7 years.

4. After-Service--1 Year Warranty,free spare parts during warranty period,consultation on usage and technical support all the time.

6. Factory Visits--Welcome to visit our factory,during the visit, we can provide factory visiting, product visiting and local tour service.

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